What is SharePoint Online SharePoint is not a program. It is a platform. A collection of different products and technologies all wrapped up and given a name. SharePoint in Plain English What is SharePoint and Why We Use It

SharePoint Site - a website that contains different SharePoint Web Parts like Document Library, Calendar, Task List, etc. SharePoint sites can have one or more pages to display content to the user.

SharePoint Site Collection - a collection of SharePoint Sites. Each site collection contains a single top-level site and subsites below it.

View Site hierarchy of a site collection

  1. You must be have a SharePoint Administrator user role
  2. From the Office 365 App Launcher (nine dots at upper left-hand corner) choose Admin tile to open the Admin Center
  3. From the Admin Center, click on the right pointing arrow (>) below the App Launcher to expand the navigation menu
  4. From the Admin centers menu on the left panel, choose SharePoint
  5. A new window (SharePoint admin center) will open listing all Site Collections. It is from this window where you can create or delete a site collection.

###Creating a new Sub-site/Site (Project) 1. Navigate to the main to the parent. Click the logo to do this. 1. Click on the gear icon (top right) and select Site Contents 1. Click the New dropdown (below the logo) and select Subsite 1. Type a Title for the site 1. Type a description for the site (optional) 1. Type a url for the site. Make it as short short as possible 1. Select a template for the site. Most times the default Team Site template will be selected 1. For User Permissions leave Use same permissions as parent site selected 1. Select Yes under Use the top link bar from the parent site? 1. Click on Create button Creating Sub Sites using SharePoint Online

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Creating a new SharePoint Online Site Collection

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2 ways to view Site hierarchy of a site collection



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