Migrate/Convert Virtualbox VM to Hyper-V

  1. Launch VirtualBox

  2. Select Virtual Media Manager from the File menu

    alt=‘VirtualBox Manager’

  3. When Virtual Media Manager window opens, select the VM file you want to migrate and click on Copy button

    alt=‘VirtualBox Virtual Media Manager’

  4. When the Copy Virtual Hard Disk window opens, click on ExpertMode button to enable selecting required options on one screen.

    alt=‘VirtualBox Copy Virtual Hard Disk’

  5. Under Hard disk file type, select VHD (Virtual Hard Disk)

  6. Wait for the copy process to complete

    alt=‘VirtualBox Copy Virtual Hard Disk progress’

Convert vhd to vhdx

  1. Launch Hyper-V Manager

  2. Under Actions, select Edit Disk…

  3. Click Next on the ‘Before You Begin’ screen

  4. Browse for the copied file. The file will be having a file extension of vhd. Select the file and click Next button.

  5. On the Choose Action window, select Convert and click Next button

    alt=‘Hyper-V Choose Action Convert’

  6. Select VHDX format and click Next

    alt=‘Hyper-V VHDX format type’

  7. Select Dynamically expanding and click Next

  8. Select a name and location for the file and click Next

  9. Click Finish and wait for the conversion process to complete

    alt=‘Hyper-V VHDX conversion progress’