Change name of macOS user account

Table of Contents

During initial setup, my full and account names were mispelled.

  1. If you are already logged, log out

  2. Log in using a administrator account. The account you use to log in must be different from the account you want to change.

  3. Choose Go, Go to Folder… from the menu of press Shift-Command-G to open th Go to Folder window.

  4. Type /Users and click OK

  5. Within the /Users folder, you will see a folder with the name of the account you want to renames. Right click on this folder and select Rename.

  6. Type the new name for the home directory. Make sure the home folder name is the same with the account name you want to change to and press Enter key

  7. On the window that appears, choose Use Password… and type the password for the administrator account and click OK

  8. Launch the System Preferences from the Apple menu

  9. Choose Users & Groups from the System Preferences window

  10. In the Users & Groups window, click on the lock icon. Bottom ..

  11. Enter name and password for the administrator account and click Unlock

  12. Right-click on the user account whose name you wish to change and select Advanced Options

  13. Change the Account Name to match the new name of the home folder you created.

  14. Change the Full Name to the name you wish to be using

  15. Change the Home Directory field to match the n ….

  16. Click OK and then close the System Preferences window

  17. Log out and log in using the changed user account.

Change Home folder