Computer Settings Not Matching Network Requirements

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After upgrading my router WRT160NL to the latest DD-WRT Firmware (1614), I was unable to connect my laptop to the router using wireless adapter. No matter what I did I was still getting the error

The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network

I matched the security settings on the router and updated this on the laptop so that they were the same but the error would not go away. I tried rebooting; selecting the network and deleting it using the Merge or Delete Network Locations but the error still persisted.

Finally I removed all the wireless network connections on the computer and this resolved the issue. The following are the steps that I followed to resolve the issue:

  1. Click on the wireless icon that is on the system tray

  2. At the bottom of the pop-up click on Open Network Sharing Center.

  3. On the left hand side of the window that opens click on Manage wireless networks

  4. You will see a list of the wireless networks you have setup. Delete all the networks on the list

  5. Click on the wireless icon in the system tray again and double click on your home wireless network

  6. Type the password if any to connect to the network. At this point you should be able to connect and the error will be no more.