Returning Byte Array Data in ASP.NET MVC

Assume you have the following ASP.NET MVC model which contains a byte array property which will be used to hold data for an image. public class CompanyModel { public string Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public byte[] Logo { get; set; } } On the controller side, you fetch the data from the database using code similar to the following public ActionResult Settings(string countyId) { var county = _session.

Add NUnit ASP.NET MVC Test Framework in VS 2012

Instructions for adding NUnit Test Framework to Visual Studio 2010 are lengthy and complicated. In a previous installation of Visual Studio 2010 I remember having used an extension that made the task much easier but I never noted down the name or url the extension. I have finally managed to get hold of the name and links of the extension. And so, lest I forget, I am noting it down. I never know when I might require it again.