Add Snowpack to ASP.NET Core Web App

Introduction I stumbled on Snowpack while searching for a solution to resolve a ParcelJS error. Building my application assets with ParcelJS worked without errors but when running the application, none of the JS scripts were running. Upon checking the browser console window, I was getting the following error: Uncaught (in promise) Error: Cannot find module. I never managed to resolve the error but Snowpack appeared in one of the searches.

ASP.NET Core - The OAuth YouTube Data API Dance

Introduction YouTube Data API allows developers to add YouTube features to their applications. Using the API, a developer can upload and search for videos among many other features on behalf of the YouTube channel owner. In this post, we start by creating a Google project so that we can acquire credentials to access the YouTube API. We then create a Razor Pages application and use HTTP/REST to call the OAuth 2.