How To Integrate Asp.NET Core Project with Bootstrap, TailwindCSS and ParcelJS

Introduction When you create a new ASP.NET Core Razor Pages project, the new project comes bundled with Bootstrap CSS framework and jQuery Javascript library. Files for both Bootstrap and jQuery are placed in a wwwroot/lib folder. The lib folder contains both compressed and un-compressed versions of all files your project may require. During development, you add more CSS to customize the design of your final application. At times, the CSS you add may end up duplicating formatting under different class names.

Git - Not Something We Can Merge

I use Git for version control. My workflow is simple; create branch from the main branch, make changes on the new branch, commit the changes and merge the changes to the main branch. I have aliased the git command to g and combine the commands in a single line in the form g checkout master;g merge branch-name; and it works. It was therefore a surprise when I ran g checkout master;g merge add_progress;g push;g checkout add_progress and Git responded with merge: add_progress - not something we can merge.