Git - Not Something We Can Merge

I use Git for version control. My workflow is simple; create branch from the main branch, make changes on the new branch, commit the changes and merge the changes to the main branch. I have aliased the git command to g and combine the commands in a single line in the form g checkout master;g merge branch-name; and it works. It was therefore a surprise when I ran g checkout master;g merge add_progress;g push;g checkout add_progress and Git responded with merge: add_progress - not something we can merge.

Setup a Git Server and Deploy with Git Hooks on Ubuntu 18.04

Introduction In this post we look at the process of setting up a Git repository on a DigitalOcean droplet running UbuntuĀ 18.04. After setting up the repository, we create a server side hook to automatically deploy a successful git push to a web server. A non-root user with no sudo permissions will be used to create the Git repository. The Git user will also be granted read and write permissions on the website for a successful deployment.