Buffalo Add Custom Dashboard Template

source: vali-admin dashboard overlaid with the Buffalo logo In this tutorial, we add vali-admin dashboard template to a Buffalo application. Buffalo Project Setup Navigate to your $GOPATH cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/$USER/ Create a new Buffalo project buffalo new valibuffalo Change the project directory cd valibuffalo Create database for the project buffalo db create --env development Do a test run

Deploy Buffalo App to DigitalOcean

In this article, we go through the process of deploying a Buffalo application to a DigitalOcean Droplet using Docker images. We will utilize the Docker Compose Tool to manage the containers and Systemd to restart our application in case of failure. Prerequisites You have developed a Buffalo application. I will be using theToodo example application. You have an account with DigitalOcean, You have created a DigitalOcean Droplet based on CoreOs Container Linux You are able to SSH into your Droplet.

Install Go on Windows 10

Download MSI installer After the download is complete, open the downloaded msi file and follow the prompts to install Go. By default, the installer places the files in the c:\Go folder and also adds the c:\go\bin directory to your PATH environment variable. Create a working directory for your Go projects and change to this newly created folder. This will be your Go workspace and should be separate from your Go installation folder.