Sideload Excel Add-In on MacOS Sierra

Introduction In a previous post we looked at the process of generating an Excel add-in and using mkcert to create private certification authority (CA) trusted by browsers. In this post, we continue the journey of developing office add-in by looking at the steps involved in side loading our add-in in an Excel host. Prerequisites The add-in how to guide for iPad and Mac sets out the following prerequisites: A Mac running OS X v10.

Office Add-In using VsCode and Mkcert Private Trusted CA

Introduction Developing of Office add-ins requires use of HTTPS. SSL/TLS certificates are therefore required to grant permission to use encrypted communications and authenticate the identity of the certificate holder. When a new add-in project is generated, self signed certificates are also created for the project. For browsers to use these certificates, they have to be added as trusted root certificates. There are times however that some browsers fail to recognize these self-signed certificates as trusted even after adding them as root trusted.