5 Steps To Host Static Website On DigitalOcean Running Ubuntu 19.10

Introduction Some tasks seem so simple when you are performing them regularly. If however you stay for a period of time without performing these tasks, it takes a lot of effort trying to recall the commands and the flow of how you performed those tasks. Setting up websites is one of those tasks; set it up and maybe it will take a long time before you repeat the process; by that time you have already forgetten how you went about it.

Setup a Git Server and Deploy with Git Hooks on Ubuntu 18.04

Introduction In this post we look at the process of setting up a Git repository on a DigitalOcean droplet running UbuntuĀ 18.04. After setting up the repository, we create a server side hook to automatically deploy a successful git push to a web server. A non-root user with no sudo permissions will be used to create the Git repository. The Git user will also be granted read and write permissions on the website for a successful deployment.