How To Install ODK Central on Ubuntu 20.04

Introduction Open Data Kit (ODK) is a set (components) of free, open-source software used for facilitating data collection using mobile devices. ODK Central or Central is the server component. Without the server, the process of data collection cannot proceed. Installing ODK Central on a DigitalOcean server is the recommended method and is well documented. Where situations demand installing Central on a different cloud provider, documentation of the process is either scanty or altogether lacking.

Laravel Development Using PostgreSQL and Laradock

In this post, we setup a Laravel development environment using PostgreSQL and Laradock. Laradock uses Docker to easily setup up a development environment for PHP projects. By using Docker, you eliminate the need to install PHP, Composer, Laravel or a database server on your local computer. Requirements Git will be required in order to clone the Laradock repository. You can find out if Git is installed on your computer by running git --version on a terminal/command prompt.

Deploy Buffalo App to DigitalOcean

In this article, we go through the process of deploying a Buffalo application to a DigitalOcean Droplet using Docker images. We will utilize the Docker Compose Tool to manage the containers and Systemd to restart our application in case of failure. Prerequisites You have developed a Buffalo application. I will be using theToodo example application. You have an account with DigitalOcean, You have created a DigitalOcean Droplet based on CoreOs Container Linux You are able to SSH into your Droplet.

Route Your Domain To DigitalOcean

Introduction to DNS, IP and Domain Name Domain Name System (DNS) are the equivalent of a network’s phonebook. They maintain human-friendly domain names and resolve these human friendly names to IP addresses. While it is easy for people to remember domain names, computers use IP addresses to communicate. Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique identifier label assigned to each device that connects to a network whether local or external. IP addresses are four numeric numbers separated by dots (41.

CoreOS Container Linux on DigitalOcean

CoreOs Container Linux is very light in comparison with other Linux distributions and requires applications to run inside their containers. Create SSH Key Pair For Server Authentication Login to the server (Droplet) will be via SSH keys and not passwords. SSH keys come in pairs, one private and the other public. The private key is known only to you while the public key can be shared with any SSH server to which you would like to connect.