Port Forwarding LinkSys WRT160NL

After managing to acquire an account with DynDNS, I am now ready to configure the router to allow me access my home computer over the internet. I am using a LinkSys WRT160NL and I have already installed DD-WRT. Steps Open web browser and type the address of the router. I have changed the default address from to Type the User name and password to log in to the router.

Creating a permanent link with DynDNS and Linksys WRT160NL router

DynDNS offers a free Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS) service but there are occasions when one may opt for a paid option. I wanted a short domain name, easy to remember and one that would look a bit professional.Due to these reasons, I opted for a paid premium service. Steps for signing for a free account and a premium one are somehow similar. A good tutorial for signing up for a free account exists here and therefore, on this post I will concentrate on signing for a premium account.

Installing DD-WRT on LinkSys WRT160NL

I bought a new router LinkSys WRT160NL to replace an Alvarion GW5051 provided by my internet service provider. The main reason replacing the router was with the intention of installing third party firmware which provided more functionality. Installing third party firmware was not possible with router provided by the service provider. For the firmware, I had a choice between TomatoUSB or DD-WRT. However, after a bit of research I realised that LinkSys WRT160NL was not on TomatoUSB compatibility list and therefore settled on DD-WRT.