Windows 10 - Setup Cmder

What is Cmder Cmder is a commander console for Windows. The opening line on Cmder’s website explains it all. Cmder is a software package created out of pure frustration over the absence of nice console emulators on Windows. It is based on amazing software, and spiced up with the Monokai color scheme and a custom prompt layout, looking sexy from the start. All the magic of Cmder happens through use of ConEmu - a console program for windows and Clink which gives it a powerful bash style command line editing, completion, history and much more.

Migrate/Convert Virtualbox VM to Hyper-V

Launch VirtualBox Select Virtual Media Manager from the File menu When Virtual Media Manager window opens, select the VM file you want to migrate and click on Copy button When the Copy Virtual Hard Disk window opens, click on ExpertMode button to enable selecting required options on one screen. Under Hard disk file type, select VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) Wait for the copy process to complete

Powershell History Remove Duplicate Commands

When running commands within PowerShell, the history of commands may contain duplicated commands. To run a command contained within the commands history, you use the up arrow key to scroll up to the required command. If the commands are many and duplicated, it may require a bit of effort to get to the required command. In Windows PowerShell 5.0, you can prevent duplication of commands within the history by running the following command in PowerShell:

Install Go on Windows 10

Download MSI installer After the download is complete, open the downloaded msi file and follow the prompts to install Go. By default, the installer places the files in the c:\Go folder and also adds the c:\go\bin directory to your PATH environment variable. Create a working directory for your Go projects and change to this newly created folder. This will be your Go workspace and should be separate from your Go installation folder.

Recovering Folders converted to shortcuts by virus

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than trying to copy files to a client’s computer using a usb drive and realizing that the clients computer has a virus and it has turned all your files into a shortcut. If you had important files and allow an antivirus to clean the usb drive, you may end up losing the files. This has happened to me on several ocassions and there are times I end up losing files.

Installing Jekyll on windows 8.1

Jekyll is an static site generator designed for static websites and blogs. In this post, I enumerate the process of installing Jekyll on Windows 8.1. On previous ocassions, my posts (though rare) have been dynamic and created using blogging platforms which make writing blog posts a very easy process. Unfortunately I never kept pace with the updates on these platforms and one day I woke up to find my site had been hacked.

Windows 7 Control Panel Displays Blank

It seems there are times that computers get tired and decide to take a nap or maybe decide to stage a strike. How else would you explain a situation where a computer has been working without a hassle and suddenly you open the Control Panel and all you get is a blank screen staring at you? Of late I have noted my laptop has been running slowly and I thought this was due to the number of applications installed.

Installing PHP / IIS 7 on Windows 7

Click the plus sign (+) to expand `Internet Information Services`, `World Wide Web Services` and `Application Development Features`. Under `Application Development Features`, make sure `NET Extensibility`, `ASP.NET`, `CGI, ISAPI Extensions`, `ISAPI Filters` and `Server-Side Includes` are selected. Download PHP compressed files. Note that Non-thread-safe build of PHP is recommended when using IIS. Extract the contents of compressed file to the hard disk. I this case I will extract to C:\php

Port Forwarding LinkSys WRT160NL

After managing to acquire an account with DynDNS, I am now ready to configure the router to allow me access my home computer over the internet. I am using a LinkSys WRT160NL and I have already installed DD-WRT. Steps Open web browser and type the address of the router. I have changed the default address from to Type the User name and password to log in to the router.

Who is using my port in Windows 7

I was testing an application that was set to use port 8080. The application failed to start up throwing an exception that the port was in use. To identify the process tying up port 8080, I opened windows command prompt and typed the following command. netstat -aop tcp netstat is useful for displaying active connections and ports on which a computer is listening. Description of parameters used: a - Displays all TCP and UDP connections and listening ports

Computer Settings Not Matching Network Requirements

After upgrading my router WRT160NL to the latest DD-WRT Firmware (1614), I was unable to connect my laptop to the router using wireless adapter. No matter what I did I was still getting the error The settings saved on this computer for the network do not match the requirements of the network I matched the security settings on the router and updated this on the laptop so that they were the same but the error would not go away.